Sunday, August 31, 2014

First Beautifan Giveaway

Sunday, August 31, 2014
First Beautifan giveaway!
Let’s head to the rules, shall we?
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2. Register on – There will be a higher chance of winning if you register under the same ID that you used in signing up for Ibuybeauti
3. Leave a comment or rating on product reviews that are posted here on Beautifan. Note: Only leave a comment or rating if you already tried the product. Don’t leave ratings randomly or else we will categorize it as spam.
4. You must be 16 or over to enter, otherwise you must get permission from your parent or guardian because I will require your address.
5. No giveaway accounts! We will check.
6. The giveaway closes on the 31st of August at 11:59pm KST and we will contact the winner by email.
7. The winners will be contacted within 48 hours via email after the giveaway ends and will be given 48 hours to reply to the email, if not then a new winner will be chosen.
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Monday, March 17, 2014

Nature Republic Botanical Fresh BB Cream

Monday, March 17, 2014

Hello~ It's been a while since I posted a review. I am kind of busy on some things such as shopping (rushing on sale events), eating YOLO lolol.

Today, I would like to share my experience with Nature Republic Botanical Fresh BB Cream SPF30 PA++.

Nature Republic Botanical Fresh BB Cream 
SPF30 PA++ 25ML
P 242/ 5.46 USD

Product Description
- Three kinds of organic flower extracts such as Chamomile, Lavender, Liner flower to protect the skin
- Contains Shea Butter for moisturized skin
- Gives bright and younger looking skin

Here's the side of the box, indeed it is eco friendly!

The back of the box with all the korean letters on it that none of it did I ever understand, lol but I love korean products! heh ;)

Here's the ingredients of the BB cream. You can see, Shea butter is listed on one of its ingredients. Shea butter is a deep moisturizing agent used on different creams that aims to provide moisture and elasticity such as stretch marks. The cream isn't drying at all. +1 to that! ;)

Look at how unique the packaging is! It's like an envelope.

Here's the BB Cream.

It is sealed so it won't get contaminated as well as buyers are sure that the item is really new, unused.

Let's put it to the test!

Here's a shot of my bare face with indoor lighting.

Close up. Just so you can see how dry my skin is that it seems like flaking and like a dried soil! More like of a desert!

BB cream is applied here.


My cheeks with BB Cream!

Final thoughts on Nature Republic's BB Cream...

I hope I am giving the most intense details of the BB Cream. Well, honestly, I am not a fan of BB Creams. I just want to try and I have figured it out as soon as I applied it that it wasn't for me, though we know it has moisturizing properties. It gave me this ashen appearance, I don't know but whenever I'll try a BB Cream or foundation they both gave me the ashen look / appearance. What's wrong with my face! lol I always carry a cc cream with me cause I know they blend with your natural color and besides, I don't have to conceal spots or trouble marks so CC cream would be best instead of a BB Cream. 

Aside from being affordable, can be availed on their physical store and online shops, has an SPF of 30, it has a nice scent too. It glides on the skin smoothly as well without clumping. As said earlier, the cream contains shea butter which has a moisturizing properties so never worry if you have the driest face in the world. lol

Thank you for reading!
Till next time~

This is not a paid review. Written here are all my honest opinions regarding the product.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Etude House Face Conditioning Cream

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hello~ Today's review would be about the newly released product from Etude House!

 Etude House Face Conditioning Cream 
Whitening | Anti Wrinkle | Balancing
SPF 25 | PA++

- Contains skin moist balancing formula.
- Anti-Wrinkle.
- Balancing skin tone.

How to Use 

1. After skin care, apply an adequate amount of the conditioning cream to the face.
2. Use the palm of your hands to pat the cream in.

For dry skin, apply after toner and essence. 
For oily skin, apply just after toner.

Here's some photo of the packaging. 

Has SPF 25. 

Since it's bought directly from Korea, there is no English directions! It was all written on Korean language! ╯.╰

It comes in a tube packaging. I should say the packaging is really classy. It's not that girly, but it is something 20+ and 30+ would also use. I like the concept of the packaging because its drawn with a classy mirror which feels like it really is an essential part before anything else for the face. 

Here's the back of the tube. The expiry indicator or best before indicator is at the bottom as you can see the opened container illustration at the bottom of the tube. It says 12M which means you have 12months to use the product once opened. That's very nice indicator especially if someone doesn't wear makeups all the time.

Let's test it!

Here's my bare face without flash and without conditioning cream, indoor lighting.

Here's the product applied on my bare face.

Here's a photo of when the product is applied.

✦ Final thoughts on Etude House Face Conditioning Cream...

The Price:
The product doesn't cost that much. I had a 20ml tube for only P100 at their Korean website. At their physical store it's only P648 for a 75ml tube, not bad and a little goes a long way!

I love its consistency, it's not very sticky and hard to apply. It glides very smoothly on your face and it doesn't leave the face a white cast even though I have a fair skin. It also have a nice scent, not too strong, I find it's scent somewhere between mint and flowers.Also, it is quickly absorbed by the skin.

I can't say that it is good for troubled skin, but it does suit an oily skin as said on its description. It is a primer to make the other covers such as foundation, bb cream to be more adhesive to the skin for longer wear.

You will also have this dewy, luminous glow on your face like of those Korean stars after application. It is also good for your skin for its SPF25 since summer is on its way, you have to protect that skin from regional discolorations of your face. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Maybelline Baby Lips Review

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hello lovely readers! I am happy that I have gained more followers since this 2014. Thank you , I appreciate it. <3

For today, I have Maybelline Baby Lips for review. This is the much awarded lip balm since it hit the market. You'll know why while reading! :)

So there are some of the flavors and names, but I chose Baby Lips Pink Glow in Mixed Berries and Baby Lips Color Rose Addict. I chose Baby Lips Pink Glow because I have serious discoloration issues with my lips due to smoking. :( I have been smoking for some years now and quitted last 2013 due to pregnancy. I believe that using this Pink Glow balm will help me achieve at least, the pinkness of my lips and reduce the darker color of it due to smoking. What I also love about this balm is that the box says it holds up to 8 hours moisture, so that's a plus too! What else could you not love about this product?

The other is Baby Lips Color Rose Addict. I chose this other balm because it is tinted. I don't know but ever since I am such a fan of lip balms, not only it moisturizes but also give my lips some life and color without the thought of overdoing it such as using lipsticks and lip stains. This also claims 8 hour moisture with a light red tint. 


These two have the same consistency as other lip balms. The Baby Lip color gives a red color to your lips while Baby Lips Pink Glow may not be visible. I strongly recommend this to those who have dry lips and want to achieve that baby lips. It will not cost you much, its only around $2.22 each stick and lasts for long. I have been using this too for quite some time and i am lovin the result. Here's picture this february. It Looks like I didn't smoke at all!

You should try them out too! You won't be sorry! ;)

Sunday, February 23, 2014


Sunday, February 23, 2014

95% LEFT
P350 / 7.86USD

95% LEFT
P 200 / 4.49USD

P170 / 3.82USD

P100 / 2.25USD

P44.54 / 1USD

P 350 / 7.86USD

50% LEFT
P150 / 3.37USD

Comment below and please email to buy!
I ship internationally as well.
All items are still with their box and in good condition.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Etude House Eye's Cream in Mint Review

Friday, February 21, 2014
Hello lovely readers! I would like to share this review about Etude House Eye's Cream in Mint. It also comes in Vanilla version. I can't remember how much this cream cost but I believe it's around 500? I am terribly sorry because I bought this some time ago and I don't look at the price when I shop, I just place what I need in their tiny baskets. ;)

I tried this item for 9 months and so just to be sure how it will work for this review. Look at the package!
Etude House never fails us to give the cutest packaging they could ever produce! I haven't seen any ugly or unappealing packaging and designs for Etude. 

So it says in the box that it's SPF30 which I believe is great for the skin. ;)

Here's when you open the box! Soooo cute! I could've resisted buying this last time but because I had serious dark circles under my eyes which is very irritating to look at everytime I face the mirror, I also liked its packaging. There are lots of Korean texts written all over the packaging and I am sorry, I don't know understand a bit of what it says lol!

Here's an instruction on how to apply the creamstick. First, wipe on the eyelids, then on the side then lastly swipe another from the inner to the outer undereye. ;D


I have been using this stick for over nine months twice a day. I guess it isn't bad because I want to achieve the desired effect; in the morning and before I sleep. The stick has this cooling effect for just a few seconds. You may want to lightly glide the stick on your skin because too much of the stick will create a white cast on your eyes, but if that happens, you can just wipe it off or simply blend it to your skin by patting it gently. Rubbing or putting too much pressure in this area of your face will cause you more wrinkles and lines so be sure to pat it really gently. =)

As for the result, well, I am really sorry for not having a before photo to prove the efficacy of the product but here are some pictures taken a few months ago while using the creamstick.

And here's how it looks like now.

 A closer look.

I can say that after a few months of use, it helps lessen the darkness under my eye. But the wrinkles are still there as well as the lines and they feel like multiplying! lol I feel like I'm in my 50's with the lines and wrinkles and the crowfeet!!! =( But thanks to Etude House for reducing the darkness, I won't feel like I haven't slept for long or looked like a zombie in my pictures!

This is a highly recommended product for girls who want to lessen their dark circles. A stick is good for a year probably. ;D

*This is not a sponsored review. These are all my honest opinions regarding the product. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Vday at Italianni's and Hayan Korea Cosmetics!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014
Hello, just want to share how our Vday turned out.

Last Friday we won the #ViberValentine by Viber. We chose to go to the venue last Sunday, Feb 16 because we know there are so many people still showing their affection for each other because its the weekends. We both don't like crowdy places because it feels like they are getting to me, like they are going to dive on me because I am just a small girl and it feels like I am getting a headache or want to throw up.

We arrived at Italianni's, we didn't eat for some hours, cause we are preparing for this big meal ha-ha. The place was overwhelming, the crew is busy speeding up, rushing orders to every table. I guess that's how they spend their Sunday at Italianni's. I am so happy to get 2 tables at Italianni's because we love pasta , pizza and CAKES.

Here's the New York Cheesecake! And I am telling you that you should drink a lot of water after eating this mouthful because halfway through it, I feel like having tonsilitis the next day! Haha

Isn't that heavy? I am expecting a little serving and this giant cheesecake came! 

The creme brulee is nice too!! It's very addicting the custard's just great I forgot to order another plate! Haha

While dining..

I am really sorry for looking like a zombie cause we have to rush through this place cause we are expecting heavy traffic since it's Sunday. The pizza was nice too! In the picture its down to 2 slices lol! 

After dining I feel like I want to throw up, my stomach aches and I can't breathe!! That was heavy! Lol We pause from time to time before we get to the parking lot. lololol

That was a nice experience from Viber Philippines! My husband said, "Ang yaman naman ng Viber, sali ka ulit sa ganyan ha. Ang sarap!" LOL 

Thank you again Viber for making our Vday sweet and memorable!


And oh, I have heard of Hayan Korea cosmetics lately, and they seem promising. Will post some reviews for these items soon! Keep updated! =)