Friday, February 21, 2014

Etude House Eye's Cream in Mint Review

Friday, February 21, 2014
Hello lovely readers! I would like to share this review about Etude House Eye's Cream in Mint. It also comes in Vanilla version. I can't remember how much this cream cost but I believe it's around 500? I am terribly sorry because I bought this some time ago and I don't look at the price when I shop, I just place what I need in their tiny baskets. ;)

I tried this item for 9 months and so just to be sure how it will work for this review. Look at the package!
Etude House never fails us to give the cutest packaging they could ever produce! I haven't seen any ugly or unappealing packaging and designs for Etude. 

So it says in the box that it's SPF30 which I believe is great for the skin. ;)

Here's when you open the box! Soooo cute! I could've resisted buying this last time but because I had serious dark circles under my eyes which is very irritating to look at everytime I face the mirror, I also liked its packaging. There are lots of Korean texts written all over the packaging and I am sorry, I don't know understand a bit of what it says lol!

Here's an instruction on how to apply the creamstick. First, wipe on the eyelids, then on the side then lastly swipe another from the inner to the outer undereye. ;D


I have been using this stick for over nine months twice a day. I guess it isn't bad because I want to achieve the desired effect; in the morning and before I sleep. The stick has this cooling effect for just a few seconds. You may want to lightly glide the stick on your skin because too much of the stick will create a white cast on your eyes, but if that happens, you can just wipe it off or simply blend it to your skin by patting it gently. Rubbing or putting too much pressure in this area of your face will cause you more wrinkles and lines so be sure to pat it really gently. =)

As for the result, well, I am really sorry for not having a before photo to prove the efficacy of the product but here are some pictures taken a few months ago while using the creamstick.

And here's how it looks like now.

 A closer look.

I can say that after a few months of use, it helps lessen the darkness under my eye. But the wrinkles are still there as well as the lines and they feel like multiplying! lol I feel like I'm in my 50's with the lines and wrinkles and the crowfeet!!! =( But thanks to Etude House for reducing the darkness, I won't feel like I haven't slept for long or looked like a zombie in my pictures!

This is a highly recommended product for girls who want to lessen their dark circles. A stick is good for a year probably. ;D

*This is not a sponsored review. These are all my honest opinions regarding the product. 


  1. This sounds like a nice product. I'd like to try it sometime. I like minty things. They're so refreshing. :) Something I had found that really helps to brighten and whiten my face is to exfoliate with a washcloth BEFORE wetting my face. The dry skin, oils and dirt loosen up WAAAY better that way. I was kind of surprised but its way better than any face scrub or whitening anything I have tried for cleaning and whitening my complexion. And I noticed the difference fast! Like two or three days after I started doing this I noticed my skin was looking noticeably whiter. Also its really un-abrasive and I can do it almost everyday and my skin never gets bruised or irritated as long as I don't' scrub too hard. :) I don't have to use a strong facewash either afterwards. I can just use a really gentle one like Neutrogena Naturals and my face feels super clean. :)

    I love the layout of your blog too. Its so cute and kawaii! If you have time could you please check out my blog? I'm also open to any layout ideas cause I'd really like to make mine better but I'm not very creative with the designing. :/
    Thanks if you can :)

    1. Hello Annalisa!

      Glad you have found your way through my blog! ;)

      Thanks for that skincare tip! I was really into whitening my face and making uneven skintone better! ;) And thank you so much, if you would like to get a design you can visit =)

  2. Oh by the way my blog is
    if you get a chance to look at it :) Thanks :)

  3. I have this produc too. Totally love it