Sunday, March 9, 2014

Etude House Face Conditioning Cream

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hello~ Today's review would be about the newly released product from Etude House!

 Etude House Face Conditioning Cream 
Whitening | Anti Wrinkle | Balancing
SPF 25 | PA++

- Contains skin moist balancing formula.
- Anti-Wrinkle.
- Balancing skin tone.

How to Use 

1. After skin care, apply an adequate amount of the conditioning cream to the face.
2. Use the palm of your hands to pat the cream in.

For dry skin, apply after toner and essence. 
For oily skin, apply just after toner.

Here's some photo of the packaging. 

Has SPF 25. 

Since it's bought directly from Korea, there is no English directions! It was all written on Korean language! ╯.╰

It comes in a tube packaging. I should say the packaging is really classy. It's not that girly, but it is something 20+ and 30+ would also use. I like the concept of the packaging because its drawn with a classy mirror which feels like it really is an essential part before anything else for the face. 

Here's the back of the tube. The expiry indicator or best before indicator is at the bottom as you can see the opened container illustration at the bottom of the tube. It says 12M which means you have 12months to use the product once opened. That's very nice indicator especially if someone doesn't wear makeups all the time.

Let's test it!

Here's my bare face without flash and without conditioning cream, indoor lighting.

Here's the product applied on my bare face.

Here's a photo of when the product is applied.

✦ Final thoughts on Etude House Face Conditioning Cream...

The Price:
The product doesn't cost that much. I had a 20ml tube for only P100 at their Korean website. At their physical store it's only P648 for a 75ml tube, not bad and a little goes a long way!

I love its consistency, it's not very sticky and hard to apply. It glides very smoothly on your face and it doesn't leave the face a white cast even though I have a fair skin. It also have a nice scent, not too strong, I find it's scent somewhere between mint and flowers.Also, it is quickly absorbed by the skin.

I can't say that it is good for troubled skin, but it does suit an oily skin as said on its description. It is a primer to make the other covers such as foundation, bb cream to be more adhesive to the skin for longer wear.

You will also have this dewy, luminous glow on your face like of those Korean stars after application. It is also good for your skin for its SPF25 since summer is on its way, you have to protect that skin from regional discolorations of your face. 


  1. hey! may i ask what online shop did you get this from? thanks