Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Maybelline Baby Lips Review

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hello lovely readers! I am happy that I have gained more followers since this 2014. Thank you , I appreciate it. <3

For today, I have Maybelline Baby Lips for review. This is the much awarded lip balm since it hit the market. You'll know why while reading! :)

So there are some of the flavors and names, but I chose Baby Lips Pink Glow in Mixed Berries and Baby Lips Color Rose Addict. I chose Baby Lips Pink Glow because I have serious discoloration issues with my lips due to smoking. :( I have been smoking for some years now and quitted last 2013 due to pregnancy. I believe that using this Pink Glow balm will help me achieve at least, the pinkness of my lips and reduce the darker color of it due to smoking. What I also love about this balm is that the box says it holds up to 8 hours moisture, so that's a plus too! What else could you not love about this product?

The other is Baby Lips Color Rose Addict. I chose this other balm because it is tinted. I don't know but ever since I am such a fan of lip balms, not only it moisturizes but also give my lips some life and color without the thought of overdoing it such as using lipsticks and lip stains. This also claims 8 hour moisture with a light red tint. 


These two have the same consistency as other lip balms. The Baby Lip color gives a red color to your lips while Baby Lips Pink Glow may not be visible. I strongly recommend this to those who have dry lips and want to achieve that baby lips. It will not cost you much, its only around $2.22 each stick and lasts for long. I have been using this too for quite some time and i am lovin the result. Here's picture this february. It Looks like I didn't smoke at all!

You should try them out too! You won't be sorry! ;)