Monday, March 17, 2014

Nature Republic Botanical Fresh BB Cream

Monday, March 17, 2014

Hello~ It's been a while since I posted a review. I am kind of busy on some things such as shopping (rushing on sale events), eating YOLO lolol.

Today, I would like to share my experience with Nature Republic Botanical Fresh BB Cream SPF30 PA++.

Nature Republic Botanical Fresh BB Cream 
SPF30 PA++ 25ML
P 242/ 5.46 USD

Product Description
- Three kinds of organic flower extracts such as Chamomile, Lavender, Liner flower to protect the skin
- Contains Shea Butter for moisturized skin
- Gives bright and younger looking skin

Here's the side of the box, indeed it is eco friendly!

The back of the box with all the korean letters on it that none of it did I ever understand, lol but I love korean products! heh ;)

Here's the ingredients of the BB cream. You can see, Shea butter is listed on one of its ingredients. Shea butter is a deep moisturizing agent used on different creams that aims to provide moisture and elasticity such as stretch marks. The cream isn't drying at all. +1 to that! ;)

Look at how unique the packaging is! It's like an envelope.

Here's the BB Cream.

It is sealed so it won't get contaminated as well as buyers are sure that the item is really new, unused.

Let's put it to the test!

Here's a shot of my bare face with indoor lighting.

Close up. Just so you can see how dry my skin is that it seems like flaking and like a dried soil! More like of a desert!

BB cream is applied here.


My cheeks with BB Cream!

Final thoughts on Nature Republic's BB Cream...

I hope I am giving the most intense details of the BB Cream. Well, honestly, I am not a fan of BB Creams. I just want to try and I have figured it out as soon as I applied it that it wasn't for me, though we know it has moisturizing properties. It gave me this ashen appearance, I don't know but whenever I'll try a BB Cream or foundation they both gave me the ashen look / appearance. What's wrong with my face! lol I always carry a cc cream with me cause I know they blend with your natural color and besides, I don't have to conceal spots or trouble marks so CC cream would be best instead of a BB Cream. 

Aside from being affordable, can be availed on their physical store and online shops, has an SPF of 30, it has a nice scent too. It glides on the skin smoothly as well without clumping. As said earlier, the cream contains shea butter which has a moisturizing properties so never worry if you have the driest face in the world. lol

Thank you for reading!
Till next time~

This is not a paid review. Written here are all my honest opinions regarding the product.


  1. Duuuuude! The problem is not your face, it's the BB creams you've been buying. You have a warm undertone, it looks yellow to me on my computer screen. The BB you tried has a pink undertone (wrong for your skin) and it also has whitening stuff in it which makes it look grey on you. You need to try a BB that is made for yellow undertones and then you will be happier =)

    Sample Hime

    1. hehehehe thanks for the help !! I knew I had a warm undertone all along but didn't know of the bb cream shades, thank you so much for letting me know all these. haha

  2. Can i ask how much is the BB cream? :)

  3. If you did read the post you can see its price in peso and dollars

  4. Lovely review dear!
    hmm... maybe you need to apply a primer before the bb-cream? I'm not too sure if it will help XD
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xx Charmaine

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