Hello! =) My cybername is Apple. Well, I don't really know how to start this about me page but I am already 20 and i live in the Philippines. 

I do love Etude House a lot because of its cuteness and the stuffs are organic and really effective. 

I love Hello Kitty, coffee, milk teas, soymilk, cookies, in short i love sweets. I also love salty and spicy foods. I love cold drinks like frappe.

I love to shop for cute clothes, i like clothes with laces, bibs, buttons, pink, with ruffles and ribbons. 

I started blogging since 2008. I came from different blogspot urls. hehehe and came with different skins, and met different domain friends that soon expired so i have no contact with them til now. I owned some domains too like candyboxx.info, girlydoll.info and some subdomains hosted under cute domains. I transfer from blogger to wordpress from wordpress to blogger but now i am convinced i should stay at blogger because i love the blogger community im in specially the Asian Beauty Forum! =)

Previous Layouts:

1. Dolly Diary

2. Pink Floral


  1. Great blog ! like the pink and dreamy colours

    1. Hello, thank you! and thanks also for visiting my blog. =)