Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Vday at Italianni's and Hayan Korea Cosmetics!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014
Hello, just want to share how our Vday turned out.

Last Friday we won the #ViberValentine by Viber. We chose to go to the venue last Sunday, Feb 16 because we know there are so many people still showing their affection for each other because its the weekends. We both don't like crowdy places because it feels like they are getting to me, like they are going to dive on me because I am just a small girl and it feels like I am getting a headache or want to throw up.

We arrived at Italianni's, we didn't eat for some hours, cause we are preparing for this big meal ha-ha. The place was overwhelming, the crew is busy speeding up, rushing orders to every table. I guess that's how they spend their Sunday at Italianni's. I am so happy to get 2 tables at Italianni's because we love pasta , pizza and CAKES.

Here's the New York Cheesecake! And I am telling you that you should drink a lot of water after eating this mouthful because halfway through it, I feel like having tonsilitis the next day! Haha

Isn't that heavy? I am expecting a little serving and this giant cheesecake came! 

The creme brulee is nice too!! It's very addicting the custard's just great I forgot to order another plate! Haha

While dining..

I am really sorry for looking like a zombie cause we have to rush through this place cause we are expecting heavy traffic since it's Sunday. The pizza was nice too! In the picture its down to 2 slices lol! 

After dining I feel like I want to throw up, my stomach aches and I can't breathe!! That was heavy! Lol We pause from time to time before we get to the parking lot. lololol

That was a nice experience from Viber Philippines! My husband said, "Ang yaman naman ng Viber, sali ka ulit sa ganyan ha. Ang sarap!" LOL 

Thank you again Viber for making our Vday sweet and memorable!


And oh, I have heard of Hayan Korea cosmetics lately, and they seem promising. Will post some reviews for these items soon! Keep updated! =)

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