Monday, December 30, 2013

Lioele Tidy Water Cleanser Review

Monday, December 30, 2013

Hello everyone! I'm here to be active for new reviews. I am really sorry for the lack of updates as I was busy with the whole parenting thing. 

So i'm here with a review from Lioele. Lioele Tidy Water Cleanser Deep Cleansing Program. It's a make up remover that also removes dirt inside skin pores and retain moisture in the skin. 

I don't know make up removers for sometime until one fellow blogger told me I should use make up remover because eyeliners are not easily removed by water and soap and some rubbing. You might find me silly though as I am new to all these things and my only beauty routine is to wash my face with mild soap and water plus moisturizer. heh

It comes in a 150ml canister. It's very classy looking.

This is how the pump looks like. The overall is very neat. At first pump / use you should pump harder for the liquid to come out.

What I love about this remover is it is water based, has a decent smell works very easy unlike other makeup removers. It's refreshing at some point too.

I tried it on my arm with make up strips and wiped them in one stroke. The make up remover comes strong in one wipe only.

This is the second wipe. It totally removed the make up from my arm and there's the cotton I used to wipe the make up off.

It's a must to have this product as your daily make up remover, not only it washes away the makeup and dirt but also retains moisture on your skin. It's around $16 on online korean shops. ;)


  1. the packaging looks very sleep and sturdy...that in itself makes me want to try it :p

  2. never used water cleanser before.
    Thanks for the share <3
    happy New Year!

  3. I loooove Lioele products. <3 I recently got the whitening ampoule from them~
    I must invest in this cleanser. *A* I've been searching a long time for a good make up remover. ;v;

    Thank you for the review! <3

  4. Awesome!! would love to try this!