Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Baby loves Drypers!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013
Being a mother taught me of things I never knew I am capable of. Having a wide span of patience, giving up hours of lengthy sleep, learning how to finish my meals in minutes, skipping my beauty routine, have few or no hours for social networks and refusing party invitations by friends. Selfish I may be before my baby was born, I quickly learned how to accommodate my baby's needs and one of those is to choose the right diaper for him.

Before his birth, I fancy getting diaper samples over the net, and to my surprise they are quickly delivered to our home. Then the baby came. I tried the first diaper the hospital gave us. Disappointed I was, I told my husband not to buy that again; it is very costly and doesn't endure through the day. Everytime he wakes up early in the morning, his diaper is all soaked up that it wets his clothes and our bed cover. As I can recall, the pad is good for 3-4 hours only and that consumes a lot of diapers in a day! I never let my baby get all soaked up for 6 or more hours for that might induce rashes cause he has a very delicate skin. 

When the diapers from the hospital are all out, I used the free diaper I got in the mail. Disappointed again, I crossed it on my list not to buy the brand again. So the changing of brand continues until I had the chance to shop and look for other diapers, I picked Dryper. Aside from being affordable, it is also reliable. The baby's been using it since he is 1 and a half month old and he is now on his 4th month. From then on, I never used other brands cause I really rely on Drypers quality. It can hold up to 6 hours without leakage and rash. It is also convenient to use and dispose with its velcro type feature. Also, it does not sag, though it is fully soaked. 

I am very happy to have found the perfect diaper for my baby. I can save a few money for other things such as baby wipes and alcohol. Here's a shot of him wearing his Drypers diaper. Baby must be happy too!

*This is not a paid review. These are all my honest opinions based from my experience with Drypers diapers.


  1. These feature are must:
    A clean diaper
    Wet wipes/wet warm wash cloth
    Burp cloth
    Safe place
    Changing pad
    Diaper rash ointment

    Diaper Bags

  2. hi! my son also uses drypers. i have tried almost all the brands in the market but drypers is the best. btw, congrats and cherish your mommy moments with your cute baby well coz babies grow fast,..=)