Thursday, October 31, 2013

A little sugar isn't bad.

Thursday, October 31, 2013
Sugar. An important ingredient in almost any food; desserts, main dishes, drinks etc. Sugar is an essential chemical that is our source of energy. Enough sugar in the body can give us the strength to do our daily work. Sweet isn't it?

But too much sugar can also trigger diseases in our body such as diabetes mellitus and ketoacidosis.
Today, I will share to you what won't hurt our body and budget, and will help exfoliate for beauty!

Today's ingredient is: SUGAR! We will be making a LIP SCRUB!


1. Brown Sugar - Using brown sugar buffs away dry skin cells. Also minerals are present in brown sugars such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron.

2. Honey - Honey has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. Also, it is moisturizing, so after scrubbing with sugars, you need to moisturize your lips so it won't get dry.


3. You can add a calming agent such as lavender or anything cool for plumping lips. ;)

You just have to mix the ingredients together well. After mixing, you can now use it to scrub it on your lips. ;)

See? That sugar won't hurt! Instead, help you moisturize and care for your lips! ;)
If you tried this at home, tell me how it works! ;)


  1. I have been trying this and i usually end up licking a teaspoon of honey as a snack. I love sweet stuff and now i can also use sugar to make my lips smooth~ I tried and gently rolled the mixture in circles, my lip is now smooth and soft <3

  2. Your blog is so sweet, i love your way to write and to show the picture.
    I follow you ;-)

  3. Hi, i'm your new follower from Italy...i love your blog, it is great, very nice post, i love honey and sugar :D
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  4. I've never tried making a lip scrub at home before! Have you tried it out yourself? :)
    My lips get pretty bad during winter so I recently ordered a lip gel patch that is suggested to use after lip scrub. So I might try it out once it arrives~~ ^o^

    1. Hello Yuki! ^-^
      I have tried it a couple of times, but usually I use a brush to scrub out dead skin on my lips. ;)

      I suggest you should not use lip scrub instead use moisturizers to hydrate it if it is dry during the winter. ;)

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  7. whoa. I love your blog layout. :) Dropping by~ sorry if I typed my tag here. Can't see your tagboard. :(

  8. I have tried brown sugar and honey by itself but I never tried it with a calming agent.I'm going to try that! thanks for the tip cutie!

  9. I've never tried lip scrub before. I thought there's only face scrub. Thanks for this beauty tip :)

  10. gnam gnam. i like your article, very intresting!

  11. I never know there's lip scrub before..
    Maybe I should try it~~hehe
    Because my lip is really dry and it's really bad..

  12. Wow! I actually use those as a lip scrub!! This is one of the first post im reading on your blog and I have to say that I loooove how cute you make the writing look! I also lov

  13. How your writing is informational and nice.;) Keep Up the Nice Work!! and I hope to read more of your posts!!

  14. Wow, i dont know that sugar can be used a lip scrub! omg thank you thank you <3