Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Birthday Blast Giveaway!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013
Hello! =) I hope you don't get sick with me and my blog, thank you all for the readers and support! <3 They are all appreciated! ;)

This coming November 10 will be my birthday. It's my debut, 21. haha It's just my 21st but i feel like I'm already turning to something like 45. I need some makeover, pampering. Baby's keeping me busy but I don't mind playing, sleeping, watching, feeding him that's make's my sleeping schedule so tight that I barely sleep. Good thing he's got the Sleep-Wake cycle already. ^^ Also, it's my baby sister's birthday on Nov 6! So there will be two winners! ;)

Okay, so it's our birthday, it's our treat! ^^ ANOTHER GIVEAWAY! =) Yay! I want to share with someone how I feel old about my age, haha nah, kidding. I want to share my love for Etude House (who doesnt love Etude House?) with another lucky reader, read below to start! ;)

The mechanics:

There will be two (2) winners.
 The winners will pay nothing as I will shoulder the shipping fee and all other expenses.
 Parcels will be registered, so there will be a tracking number for every parcel so it won't be lost.
 Giveaway is open to all readers; INTERNATIONALLY.
 To gain entries are simple, you just have to follow me on BLOGLOVIN, SHESAIDBEAUTY TWITTER, LIKE US ON FACEBOOK and share the word! ^^ Please abide by these rules as I am checking entries on the raffle widget.
 Winner will be emailed immediately after drawing and will be given 48 hrs to respond to my email. Failure to respond within the said time frame will lead to another drawing of winner so please check this site regularly and emails. ^^
 Any questions, please drop them at!

Win these!:

 One winner will receive the Etude House Minnie Collection. Second winner will gain the consolation prize Shopping Cash.

Love Etude House? Enter now! ;)
Enjoy your November lovelies! :)

*I am so sorry for the lack of reviews as I am having a crappy camera with me :( Hope you understand. Will be updating reviews after sometime when I get my hands on a better cam.*

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  1. Advance Happy birthday!
    CottonApple Creations for me doesn't lack of anything at the moment..I've been eyeing it for a month now..I clicked a link of it from someone's blog and I arrived their and I find your works amazing!
    Btw, if I'll win the Paypal cash I'll do shopping for Christmas gifts!

    I would like to invite you too on my giveaway:

    1. Anyways, my name's Joanna Camille Ladesma and I live in Italy.

  2. The font size looks so small and I can't seem to read the navigation above vecause of the color but the site is sooooo cute! :)
    Fati Recede
    I would buy whatever I like! Teehee ;)

  3. for this moment, i did not find any lack for this site.
    If i win for paypal cash, i will buy some dress for me
    Kien Mei

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  5. The site is really pretty but the font is quite small, that's all. If I will win the PayPal cash, I will use it to buy stuff for my baby. :)
    Marinela Diaz

  6. CottonApple Creations doesn't lack of anything in my opinion! Great designs by the way!
    If I win PayPal cash I will spend the money on Christmas gifts for my family ^_^

    Elena Rudaya
    queen-of-pain at yandex dot com

  7. Vanessa Fernandez
    I love your blog, I would buy whatever I like

  8. i like your blog and colours
    gfc trillina palemi

  9. ur site is really adorable just couldnt find any flaws..thnx for the giveaway

  10. Thank you for this lovely giveaway!
    I f I had the chance to win I would make presents to my mother,and children!
    My name:Soraya Helena Ben othman
    Fingers crossed!
    Have a great weekend!

  11. hiya!! would love the Minnie lipstick! so cute! joined ( :

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  13. I hope to see a much prettier website after my feedback, I know it is difficult to make a beautiful website so do be courageous in trying and google for tutorials. Your works are beautiful and your blog is very user-friendly and cute layout.

    I would use the paypal cash on X'mas presents for my family, friends and neighbours. I will buy them things that they will find useful or things that are on their wishlist (pininterest haha)

    I am studying in Singapore but I am from Philippines.

  14. I am not sure if i am the only one with these problems,
    the menu's order and rating led back to the homepage
    some icons did not load although i refreshed the website a few times
    the banner pictures were blurry
    clicking on the banner did not link to anywhere
    the top left corner logo is cropped badly
    on this url are screenshots of the site as i saw it:
    Maybe there is some problems with the website host?

  15. Soo cute! congrats and happy birthday...

  16. I actually adore your blog design! I love pink and anything that is cute and has ribbon accents :) If I win, I'll use it to buy presents for my family this holiday season.

    Lanie Pregoner
    Country: Philippines

  17. For me, Cotton Apple Creations doesnt lack of anything tbh its really cute *w*, if i win the paypal cash, i will buy corporate attires for my course if ive going to attend conventions. Omg your birthday was last November 6~ Belated Happy Birthday~. Thank you for this giveaway, have a great day and God Bless~ ^^

  18. about cotton apple, maybe you can darken the font color of the tabs of home,rating,blog etc because i find it hard to see those with the white background but overall, it's ok :)
    name: Wendy Rose F. Santillan
    country: Philippines
    for paypal, maybe I'll find something cute on ebay :)
    thanks for this lovely minnie giveaway! love the blusher!

  19. The giveaway is pretty cute! Maybe you can make the words on the header a little bigger :)

    I would buy loads of cosmetics and also some toys for my baby!

    Name: Zatheela Abdul Rasheed
    GFC: ZatZ
    Country: Qatar

    Thank you!

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  21. Ciao, partecipo davvero volentieri. :)
    Isa Val su gfc. Ti seguo con piacere!!!

  22. i like your blog and colours
    clementina di nardo

  23. Honestly...I don't know what Cottonapple lacks. It is well structured, beautiful graphics and a maniacal care for details. It is just lovely.

  24. Happy birthday!

    fb: loredana battista
    gfc: lored89

  25. CottonApple Creations for me doesn't lack of anything, maybe you'd make the font bigger :)
    If I win the Paypal cash, I will buy lot of cute things for me ^w^
    Name: Paola Caldarola
    Country: Italy

  26. Thank you for this lovely giveaway!
    I f I had the chance to win I would buy myself a birthday presents (25 Dec).Looking forward!!
    Fingers crossed!! <3
    Have a nice day!
    Name : Christine Yap
    Country: Malaysia
    Email :

  27. I hope I could win this..

  28. In my opinion the site lacks a bit more color contrast in navigation part, it's a bit hard to find the keywords fast way, but otherwise it's just perfect!
    Anda Masq
    I would invest the paypal cash into getting next summer to World Body-painting Festival in Austria, it's a dream of mine!

  29. the blog and you are so pretty and I'm glad I found you !! <3 kiss:*:*

  30. I really love Etude House products.I hope I can win this giveaway :)

  31. I love ur page,i dont believe it lack in something.Its friendly loving pretty <3
    With the paypal cash i can buy gifts for my lovely family and friends :)
    Haris Kavalla

  32. It's quit colorfull & cute but the font size is kind of small !

  33. Hi dear, have you extracted the winner?