Saturday, September 28, 2013

Start your day right! : Morning Beauty tips

Saturday, September 28, 2013
How do you start your day? Do you just wash your face and body and run to work / school? From that, I guess you're missing something there dear. Free radicals and uv rays are everywhere and knowing this routine can get you protected from harmful rays and radicals.

 Exfoliate your skin - Exfoliating depends upon your skin condition. If you have dry skin, look for a mild moisturizing scrub and do it monthly. If you have normal skin, look for cleanser with fine beads and can exfoliate weekly. For oily skin, grab something with exfoliating beads and do it three times weekly. But after exfoliating, make sure to moisturize too; products with ceramide, hyaluronic acid will help lock the water in the skin and rebuild the skin too.

 Moisturize that skin - Put a light cream for the day that contains antioxidants such as coenzyme Q10 or vitamins A, C and E. It fights the free radicals during the day. ;)

 Hydrate in and out - Moisturising the skin is hydration. You should also hydrate inside. US reference daily intake for women is 2.7 L per day. When you lack the water needed, your skin will look dry and dull. 

Those are just small simple tips to get your day going. Starting the day with these tips can help you set your mood for the day as well as reduce free radicals and lessen aging process in the face and skin.


  1. as the weather changed, My skin react so badly- dehydration problem. I need some extra moisturizing cream. Any suggestion from korean brands ?

    1. Hello Jannatul!
      Before doing so, try consulting a dermatologist first. There are a lot of korean brands to choose from for dry skins. I suggest you look into the ingredients and look for something with dimethicone silicone, ceramide, hyaluronic acid or grapeseed oil and preferred to damp it on the skins surface while its moist to lock in the moisture. Hyaluronic not just maintains the moist in your skin but also helps in preventing the effects of aging.

      Try also these habits to prevent the skin further from drying.

      Wash only at night with lukewarm water. In the morning, use cool water never use hot water cause this will strip the moisture away.

      Refrain from using soap and cleansers as this will worsen the condition that potentially contain SALICYLIC ACID AND BENZOYL PEROXIDE. Also, use of exfoliants can cause more cracking and inflammation.

      I hope this helps on maintaining moisture on your skin. =)
      Stay pretty and thanks for dropping by and reading this post! ;)

    2. Thanks so much. I am thinking to avoid exfoliating which one of my fvt thing to do :( I am currently using the argan oil but still it doesn't work for me. I guess I need an appointment to the dermatologist. thanks for replying back have a nice weekend!

  2. This so helpful! Thanks for this post! :D

  3. Hai Apple !

    Aku pengen bisa ngelakuiin yang kamu tulis, tapi karena kantor aku masuknya jam 7 pagi (kaya anak sekolah) dan berhubung rumah dan kantor itu jauh. Aku gak pernah melakukan mandi pagi dengan tenang, karena keburu waktu.

    Ya paling seminggu sekali pas hari sabtu, baru aku bisa memanjakan diri dengan treatment sendiri. Apple, coba bikin cara-cara buat ngelakuiin treatmnet buat diri sendiri dirumah, biar murah dan lebih higienis :D.

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  5. i got combination skin and this is some amazing tips you gave here! Thank you!

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  8. I forgot to say, thank you for this tip ms. Apple. I always did this, everyday. Now my skin looks better, and its not look dry. Thumbs up!

  9. Thanks for the tips! We should protect our akin to stay it beautiful and healthy :) These will help a lot :) and Don't forget also to smile and be happy always. ^^

  10. thank you for these nice tips!
    Very interesting post !
    It s true that hydratation is very important for a healthy body and skin!

  11. Thanks for sharing! It's always a big deal to me to take care of my sensitive skin..and it's really hard to find the right product!

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