Thursday, September 26, 2013

Insidious: Chapter 2

Thursday, September 26, 2013
Hello ~ It's been a long time since I blogged something worth reading! heh~ Recently, I'm hooked to watching movies. Well, its not that its my first time, but since there is not much to watch on the movies the last few months, I didn't bother to check films that would caught my interest. I like horror movies, brutally plotted films with a pinch of psychedelic role players in a misty and very horrifying movie set like Silent Hill, Texas Chainsaw. I love watching movies with an old setting like dated 1920s kinda gives me the satisfying feeling of being nostalgic. I don't know but since I started watching horror, thrilling films with brutal scenes when I was a kid, I kind of carried it till I grew up. But who doesn't want horror / suspense movies? ;)

Last night, we just watched Insidious Chapter 2. If you haven't watched the Chapter 1, you should have watched it first to fully understand what happened in Chapter 2.

As far as I like Insidious 1, Chapter 2 never failed to thrill me too. The quality, the sound never fails to scare you and you can feel your goosebumps while watching. 

When we were watching this, we kept on looking left and right to see if someone is actually staring at us haha. The mother of the killer in the movie is somehow grumpy haha. I love the part when they discovered the real identity of the murderer and when they knew how many have he killed. Yes, for those who have watched the Chapter 1, the woman in the black wedding dress that's haunting the father is a Crane Parker all along. 

For me, the movie was plotted well, the effects, the characters played their roles as they are supposed to. Nothing I can say is bad about the quality of the movie not that I'm being biased because I love watching the same kind of films. ;)

The ending will tell you that there is a Chapter 3 to follow. =) Better watch out for it!

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  1. I love insidious 1 and 2! The first time I watched Insidious part 1, I became paranoid whenever I'm all alone at my house! So scary especially the "tiptoe by the window" part!