Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Giveaway + Contact Lenses

Wednesday, August 7, 2013
Hello friends. I'm so sorry for the lack of updates.  I am not able to explore anything at the moment because as you may know I may give birth anytime this week, and the only thing that I've been doing is blog hopping and reading reviews from other friends which I enjoy so much because I got the chance to think about a certain product before buying it, I mean we all want to know what's good and what's not in a beauty product for every other people and we are also hoping of their honest verdict upon these products. Hehe so far, I am convinced that I should get my hands on some SkinFood Product and also that Skin79BB Snail something.

One thing that make me want to try this product is because of the wrinkle solution thing it promises. I'm just not sure if i know how to use a BB Cream hehe. I have also read its contents and there are some herbs that are used also in masks from SkinFood. I should try this some time ^^

As for the SkinFood, I've read that their masks are great! I would consider buying those too. 

Well, I don't really have something to update you with, for the meantime, you can join my giveaway here. Still up for 22 more days for additional entries! ^^ I am happy with the progress of the giveaway. Thank you so much for the bloglovin followers. I am about to reach 100 followers after some time and to thank all of my followers and friends, I will host another giveaway. 

Oh yea, I forgot, I am offering contact lenses by BerryLens from Korea Only the natural looking ulzzang variants of Berry Lenses in an affordable price! 


 Contact Lens comes with FREE Lens Case!
 Good for 1year, 5years Shelf Life
 Diameter is 16mm with 19mm effect

Now, as an opening gratitude for all, I would like to present a coupon on your first purchase at DollyLens

For a good and lovely start, I would consider coupons entitled to have $5 OFF on any BerryLens. Every coupon has its unique identification.

How to get this?

 Simply comment below that you want to make a purchase at DollyLens with your desired contact lens. To see the albums of the contact lenses, you can visit CottonAppleCreations Page. Leave your name, email address, desired lens.

There are only limited slots, so if you are sure and you want this as bad as it is, comment now. ^^ Prices are posted on the album . =)

How to use this?

 I will email all those who will order their BerryLens with their unique coupon (that's why I asked you leave a contact --your email--) and automatically they will receive $5OFF on their first purchase! ^^

*Payment is through Paypal, Shipping details are listed on the Shipping Info Album in Facebook. 
* One coupon per person only ^^

Now, this is getting too long. Next giveaway will be posted if i havent delivered and reached 100+ followers on bloglovin. ^^

Thank you for your time! Don't forget to visit DollyLensShop! 


  1. Good luck and hope you give birth to a beautiful baby Apple!
    I've read so much hype about snail products and wanna try some but I have a big phobia of snails I don't think I can bring myself to so it eeekk >.<"

  2. Atrayee Sarkar
    if I get the discount coupon I had like to buy this:
    preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetty <(*___*)>

  3. You've got a really nice blog! :)

  4. I took the lens out of my left eye to compare the size difference. The enlargement is noticeable when you compare both eyes, but when you have both lenses in, most people won't realise that you're wearing lenses. Cheap Acuvue Define