Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Thank you, I'm learning! ♥

Tuesday, July 2, 2013
Hello pretty readers!

I am really loving the blogger community I'm in! I came across blogs everytime i ran out of lives in Candy Crush or whenever i used all of my energy in Tetris Battle. hehe

They are some of the beauty bloggers I enjoy reading and listed on my daily reads list. I learned a lot from grooming my brows, how to style them, the right cc cream and how would they look like, lip tints and balms that doesnt cost that much.

Not just about beauty products but also, they are kind whenever we exchange comments and add tips because i really don't know things about make up what bases are for, and primer and all those stuffs. 

I tried my luck on make ups because i'll be having my baby boy the next month, and i don't want to look like someone who had given birth to 40 children. I want to stay young and also my skin to feel young and healthy while i age and deal with real life. 

As of now, my face is starting to develop wrinkles on the end of the eyes and the forehead. =( I'm doing my best to care for my skin without blackheads, whiteheads, and visible open pores. Without them, I can never know of skin care products that would work great on Asian skin. And also, how to apply this and that and remove them the RIGHT WAY. haha

Thank you so much that I've met these pretty beauty bloggers and came across their articles to help me with my grooming dilemmas. =) And if wasn't for them, i'll never learn that I need a wishlist! =) If you want to visit them and read their articles, here are their links:

 Carmen of  Misschungx
 GaEul of TokkiAutumn
 Cominica of CominicaLand
 Nhi of TangerineBabi
 Vi of SampleHime
 Chee of SparklyChee
Misa of Misaraisu


  1. Apple advanced congratulation for having your baby boy next month. Do post some pictures okay ^^ I'm so touched to be one of the list you put up there. I follow the other bloggers you mention too and I'm friends with some of them so I agree with you that they're really nice and helpful ^^ I hope you'll have a safe carriage (?) and look even prettier with the beautiful healthy baby afterwards ^^ <3

  2. Hi Apple!

    Congratulations on your baby boy ^^
    I wish the best for your baby and yourself for a safe carriage ^^

    Out of the list, I read Cominica the most. I love her posts!

    I just followed you on Bloglovin!
    Feel free to follow me back ^^

    All the best~

    Y-OONYEE [click here]

  3. Congratulations on your baby boy! :D
    hehe yeah I super love Hello Kitty I wish my own house in the future will be full of them *o*

    I didn't like the etude house removal cream because I'm looking for a cream that won't make my new grown hair stubby just like after shaving.
    The prickly feeling of the new hair just irks me so I thought the etude house removal cream will be good.
    However the new hair felt the same as after shaving so I stopped using it plus it's pricey too. :(
    If you don't mind prickly hair and want to have fast hair removal I guess it'll be fine for you. c:

  4. Congratulations for your baby dear!
    Now I´m following you in Bloglovin´I hope your follow me back!


  5. omg sobs a lot I never knew I was in this post until I checked my traffic history LOL ; u ; Thank you so much you're too sweet aklfksl Again, congratz on your baby boy <3 I'm sure he's good looking just like his mother > u <

  6. Omg you are seriously the sweetest! <3 I literally can't stop smiling this is just too much. Congratulations on your baby! :D Are you picking names out already? I really need to update more haha and shout out to my favorite girls online also <3 I love that this community is so close knit and everyone is so kind to each other. More than that, everyone is so helpful and I love that every girl has something new to offer to the pool of information. I'm gonna be making a similar post <3 thanks boo.

  7. aw thank you >__<♥
    I'm so touched :')

    WA! Really?? Congratulation! That's so precious~ ♥
    Good luck with everything, I really want to stay young too, let's do our best! :D

  8. Awe, I just found out about this now, but thank you so much for your kind words! Congrats on your baby! Please make a post about it if you can~ Thank you again and I wish your baby and you to be healthy now and in the future as well! Btw, you have a really nice blog ^.^ :3

  9. I can't believe I miss this post till now.. t.t
    Thank you so much apple! I'm so glad you like my blog and how it helps you, it really means so much too me. ;u;
    I know this is so late =.=; But thank you :)
    And congrats on your baby boy *_*