Monday, June 24, 2013

Skincare Tips!

Monday, June 24, 2013

What is your skin type? Oily? Dry? Normal? Acne Prone?

Each skin type requires its own regimen. And every brand from all over the world promises every girl the treatment they need in order to correct their skin concern.

But how do we really know what's right for each skin type?  In order to decide what beauty product to use, identify first your skin type.

 Is your skin greasy? OILY?
If your skin is greasy with large pores and little bumps caused by excess oil secretion, well your skin is definitely oily. There is an increase testosterone hormone in your body due to low levels of estrogen hormone. 

 How to treat oily skin? 

Use of cleansers that contain salicylic acid or alphahydroxy decrease secretions and absorb oil on your skin

 Anti aging products with alphahydroxy and retinols can also help decrease the grease if you have wrinkles or age spots too.

Refrain from using toners and astringents because these will dehydrate your skin.

Though your skin is oily, moisturising the skin is still a necessity.

 Avoid rich heavy creams, a light lotion will do, so it won't clog your pores.

 Is your skin flaky? DRY?

Signs of a dry skin displays flaky, itchy, cracked and rough surface. This could be due to use of harsh soaps, it definitely causes the skin to dry. Also, can be due to cold weather.

 How to treat dry skin?

 Wash only at night with lukewarm water. In the morning, use cool water never use hot water cause this will strip the moisture away.

 Use a creamy moisturizer with dimethicone or simply silicone or grapeseed oil when your face is damp so the skin's surface will absorb the water.

 For wrinkles and uneven skin tone, use retinols every other night followed by a moisturizing cream.

 Refrain from using soap and cleansers as this will worsen the condition that potentially contain salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. Also, use of exfoliants can cause more cracking and inflammation.

 Is your skin oily and dry? COMBINATION?

When we say combination type, there is a part of your skin that is oily and some parts are dry. Normally, the cheeks are dry but the forehead and nose are oily. This skin type could be due to genetics and hormones.

 How to treat combination skin?

 Exfoliate oily areas. Moisturize dry areas.

 Is your skin acne prone?

Clogged hair follicles with oil and dead skin cells result to whiteheads, blackheads and pimples.

 How to treat acne prone skin?

 Cleanse your skin twice a day with products that contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.
 Apply treatment with retinols or glycolic and with salicylic acid.

 Refrain from using products that contain cocoa butter, coconut oil as these can clog pores.

Well for me, my skin type is a combination. Sometimes its dry sometimes its a little greasy. I don't have problems except for my forehead which is darker. I don't know why but i want to found out soon. I could say that my only skincare routine is that i just normally wash my face with cleansing foams, the one from Etude House, sometimes I use plain soap. Then I apply a moisturizer at night the Sleeping Pack from Etude House every other night and sometimes Olay.

I hope this simple sharing of how to treat skincare concerns will help you but it would be better to consult your nearest dermatologist for proper diagnosis and treatment of skin abrasions or further damage of the skin.  


  1. A very useful guide ^^
    I have normal to dry skin! But I'm guilty of washing with hot water instead of cool water >_< When it's winter it's too cold to wash with cool water, lol.

  2. OMG thanks for the guide my skin is oily I dont really like much the tint (dear girl) but is okay when i use the Concealer + dear my Jelly lips talk + tint looks amazing

    i follow you

  3. Hello Tulip =)
    thanks for reading my article i am happy to help you wth your skin.

    At winter, mabe you could use some lukewarm water to wash your face. =)
    again, thank you.

  4. Hello Starshoukei. =)
    thanks for reading here at bubblemilkk.

    you should care for oily skin to avoid further damage. =)

    yea it is good, its like a bitten lips, that's a trend now, and its cute.=)

  5. Hi! Nice post! full of great informations! I have oily combination skin :( but I almost just moisturize everything but after reading this post I'll be more careful for the oilier part of my face lol

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    kindly check them out!

  6. Hello filia =)

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    yes you should be so you can prevent further damage of the skin. =)

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  9. Thank you for this detailed post! My dermatologist prescribed me a cream with benzoyl peroxide and it has worked wonders for my acne ^_^ Would love to try the Etude House sleeping packs for night time :)

    1. hello camille =)
      thanks for reading and visitng my blog! =)

      yes. benzoyl peroxide reduces the bacterial count that reduces acne and peels too.

      try it! =) its not that bad to try this product, it works well. doesnt irritate my skin. =)