Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Etude House GreenTea Nose Patch : Review

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hello fellow bloggers. I just feel the need to share this product and review especially to other fellow Etude House lovers.

Last Sunday, as i can remember, i bought things from etude house and one is this GreenTea Nose Pack. I am really thinking of buying this or the other blackhead remover from etude. But since its a little cute than the other, I purchased one on the counter during checkout. hehehe

Actually, this isnt for me. I bought it for my boyfriend. He has so many blackheads and they are very visible and his pores are noticeable. I can't help it, i want to remove those so one night when everythings cool , I asked him very politely if i can wash his face, and put something on his nose, he just said, fine, do it. So i started it! I pour some water on his nose but before i put the patch he kept on asking things that made me nervous like, What is that for? Who told you to try that? Do you use that? Do i have to keep it until tomorrow? and i was like its just a patch to remove your blackheads and it will take some minutes before you remove it, you can remove it before you sleep. I was so happy that he didn't slap me or anything because of the patch i put on his nose. Then he asked me again, are you using this? I told him that i was lucky not to have visible blackheads as his. I don't know if i have blackheads in closeup but everytime i check my face, i am not seeing any black or white heads. I just happen to have EYEBAGS. That's what i need to work out. Before we go to sleep, he asked me if he will keep it then i said no, i'll peel that off. Then I removed it quickly and saw a big difference! Almost all of his blackheads are gone with the patch. I actually didn't believe that in the first use it will took of all his blackheads.

This product is highly RECOMMENDED.
Cheap at 40php
Comes in clean and cute packaging



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  4. Nice post! Did your boyfriend love it too? Btw, i love your moving stickers, where did you get it or how did you do that. i'd like to know.