Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A New year and a new look.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

First of all, i would like to greet everybody a happy new year. I know some may have had difficulties accepting that the comfort of the holidays are now over. It's okay, it's fun to meet friends again and enjoy classes.

Anyway, i've started the year right with my friends and family.  It's really warming and its great to start the year surrounded by your loving friends and family. The most embarrassing thing they've said to me before 2013 is that i was so fat that my legs are bigger than their legs.  I don't know how it happened but maybe because i eat sleep and lay around too much. I don't know but i feel lazy everyday. I want to find a job this new year but i don't have the energy to go to places.

I don't want to plan things that i want to happen this year, as well as resolutions. I know everybody can do things without writing or sticking with their resolutions if they wanted to. I just want to enjoy this year, literally ENJOY because there are upcoming attractions in Dasma like M2 club and Padis Point. I want to enjoy life as possible with the status of single, not having my own child and having all the time in the world to do things with my friends for a happier year.

But this year, I lost my bestfriend to a girl. Well he chose to be with her, so i guess i have to support him. It's just sad to know that we can not do the things we usually do the last year that we were always together. I miss how we laugh and drink till we drop. I remember the time that i was so drunk that i slept at the gutter of the road and cursed things. haha! That time, some barangay tanods approached my friend and asked, "minamanyak mo ba yan? anong ginagawa mo jan?" haha! It was crazy. And that time i am very tipsy and i asked for food and we went to mcdonalds. My bestfriend told me that i was singing the mcdonald theme song, a few minutes after, i went yelling to some crews. haha I usually do things i am not capable of when im drunk and! im planning to get worse this year. hahaha!

What about you? how was the start of your new year?

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  1. cute theme! :) hahahaha. natawa ako dun sa kwento mo nung lasing ka. :)))) hindi pa ako nakakainom ng alcohol so hindi ko alam kung ano talaga feeling. nimagine ko talaga while you're singing the mcdo theme. lol, kahit di ko alam itsura mo.

    haays. mahirap yan sis. pag may guy bestfriend k talaga eh