Monday, May 7, 2012

Boys act differently.

Monday, May 7, 2012
I am fascinated with some of my friends and my boyfriend lately. They act really differently from what guys really do.

1. Normally , boys should be meeting other girls and girls would be asking if they are dating someone else or not and start the fight.But in my situation, my boyfriend is asking me and yelling and doubting whether im seeing a lot of guys when he's not around. Its just annoying to nag about other guys where in fact we are always together, we talk, we chat, we even see each other then there he is yelling at me about seeing other guys. I just don't like that.

2. Typical boys are the one that loves the nightlife. They would go without their girlfriends and would tell them they were in bed and sleeping while actually they have pretty girls around them and drinks with buddies. In my situation, he would look at me fiercely and ask "where are you going?" And im like, im going home, what?! and he will say, I thought you're checkin on that club. Like come on, why in the heck would i do that when were still together? of course, i would kindly lead you home and check if you have gone home already and fromt here i'll take no more than minute to enter the club and have fun.

3. Typical boys quit talking over an argument with girls. They would leave, and drink. But in my situation, he cries, and doesnt talk with me instead cry over the pillow and start yelling at me. He would also say things just to curse you or to threaten that he doesnt need you and he can always find that girl who could love him and be serious about him. Its just crazy to know all these. I mean i hate hearing it from him, its just childish and im too fed up to fight and listen. I just want him to understand.

I guess i just lost the feeling.


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